Business Associate Qualification Program

Start Your Own Business

With Expertise's of GOGO Group of Companies



Manufacturing Business Practical Training

      1)  Electric bicycle Manufacturing

2)     Lithium iron phosphate Battery Pack Manufacturing

3)     Battery Operated Agriculture Equipment’s Manufacturing

4)     Electric scooter assembling

5)     Electric scooter Repairing

6)     Motorcycle Electric conversion

7)     Auto rickshaw Electric conversion

8)     Car Electric hybrid conversion

9)      Delivery vehicle manufacturing

7 Days Business and Technical Training

       In-depth Knowledge of Electric vehicle Industry

       Opportunities in India  for electric Vehicle

       Government Policies and Approval process

       Battery technologies and challenges in India

       Motor Technologies and applications

       Controller Technologies and applications

       Application wise calculations of Motor , Controller and Batteries

       Innovative ways of doing EV business

           •      100 % guaranteed success  process of  EV business




Business TraininG

       Success formula

       Goal setting  Ultimate , Midterm Goals , Immediate

       Passion identification

       Project report

       Business Ethics

       Business Rules 

        Conversion Process Job mindset  to Business mindset

       How to do win win

       24/7  auto profit formula


GOGO Group Business Associate Uniqueness

       Own Business

       Own Brand

       Technology Advancement

       No need of investment

       No need of Infrastructure

       No time limitation

       No area limitation

       No need of staff

       No need separate licensing

       No need of separate approvals 

       Weakly profit transfer