We help the world travel better without destroying it, through
empowered disruptive innovation in the field of Electric Mobility

We, as a team, strive everyday to achieve excellence in this
mission for future mobility with technology-driven, human-centric,
sustainability-focused approach and consistent efforts in and through our
state-of-the-art national and international R & D facilities, Entrepreneurship
Development Centres (EDC), Incubation Hubs, Startup Studios, Innovation
Network, Mobility Academia and Centres of Excellence (CoE).


To nurture and empower a 100 thousand innovators and
entrepreneurs to embrace opportunities in the field of Future Mobility who
shall aid in r(ev)olutionizing the way the world travels.

To educate and support skilling a million aspirants in the
field of Electric Mobility by 2030.


·         To promote use of EV

·         To provide trained manpower to EV industry

·         To help convert existing vehicles to hybrid or fully electric vehicles

·         To produce entrepreneurs

·         Help entrepreneurs progress

·         To improve existing products, design new products/components, solve issues of EV industry through projects

·         Develop and prototype new vehicles.

India is the fifth largest car market in the world and is on its way to become the third largest with more than 400 million customers in need of mobility solutions by 2030. With all major Indian cities including New Delhi and Mumbai plagued with severe traffic congestion and record-breaking pollution levels, India is in dire need for radically new mobility solutions. Electric mobility will be a part of it.

GoGoA1.Com, with its facilities in Navi Mumbai and China, is one of the pioneers and a 

priority contributor for creating and supporting a sustainable EV ECOSYSTEM in India with its flagship companies, products, R&D facilities, innovation network and foundation.

Founded by Shrikant Shinde, a technocrat, Inventor and visionary, GoGoA1 took its birth a decade ago in Navi Mumbai, the industrial city of Maharashtra and now employs more than 200+ people in its facilities in India and China.

Quoting the founder Shrikant Shinde’s words here, “GoGoA1 is not just one more EV company that has embraced the ‘Electric Mobility’ trend and got onto the highway with run-of-the-mill products. We always believed in Innovation and Invention. We believed in creating the trend rather than following it. Hence, we created our own line of products and started establishing the markets for it. Now, that is paying off. We now have more than 100+ products, right from EV motors, conversion kits to more in the pipeline. We are looking at creating more and more IPs and support entrepreneurs in the EV industry who can learn, adapt, improve, replicate and grow sustainably. Hence we created the GoGo Foundation to educate, support innovation and accelerate many aspirants who want ride into the future with EV. This is our humble contribution to the India’s EV Dream in creating 10 million jobs by 2030.”