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GoGo Foundation is unlocking innovation through startups, transforming markets with partnerships, enhancing community inside our campuses and out in our neighborhoods. We believe in sustainable urban co-creation.

“There is no substitute for doing what you love, and loving what you do. Once you learn to love learning, you too can be a successful entrepreneur.”- Evan Luthra

An entrepreneur with an idea is a catalyst towards global advancement. Studios work to bring ideas to life.

Studios are startup factories. They match great business ideas with proven entrepreneurs and then they take those ideas, test them, and back them with funding, along with a set of defined resources, in order to launch powerful startups ready to scale. Startup Studios are all about like-minded community members, shared practices, investor connections, mentors and access to talent. GoGo Foundation has been able to successfully align all these for the benefit of the startups and Industry alike.

The first fully developed ready-to-launch product from the GoGo Foundation’s Startup Studio is the e-Bike company KIMI MOTORS.

GoGo Knowledge Hub

According to a March 2018 report by KPMG, the existing workforce also needs to be upskilled and revamped to cater to the demands of workforce requirements for electric vehicles. “Overall, development of knowledge and its disbursement, gestation period for the development of infrastructure and large scale implementation of the developed processes are impediments to the realisation of electric mobility,” the report noted.

“We are forced to look for talent outside India due to a dearth within the country,” says Suresh Raina, partner at Hunt Partners, a leading HR search firm.

GoGo Foundation is in sync with these thoughts and we have designed various training interventions with a focus on application for the benefit of the electric mobility industry. This is possible with our team of trainers, subject matter experts and instructional designers and their combined experience in Power Electronics to IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Propulsion Systems, Motors to Control Systems.

The ‘Knowledge Hub’ not only ensures to lessen the workforce availability gap for the Electric Mobility industry, it also supports the employment generation and entrepreneurial development objectives of the country with a trained workforce, educated and empowered entrepreneurs.

GoGo Foundation, from the date of its inception in January 2019, has already reached and generated awareness in more than 10,000 plus students of various colleges in Maharashtra regarding the future of EV and opportunities therein and trained 1000+ students from across India, from Jammu & Kashmir in the North to Tamilnadu in the South.

GoGo EV Incubation Center & Innovation Labs

The purpose of GoGo EV Incubation Centre & Innovation Labs is to nurture, empower and drive the power of Entrepreneurship and Innovation globally for e-Mobility.

For the Incubation process, a cohort of selected start-ups would be formed, and over a period of 4 months – and we shall be evaluating and working together on their proof Of concept, business models, pain points and innovation strategies. The aim is to enhance their value proposition and inculcate global scalability in their business, under the mentorship of prominent personalities of the start-up ecosystem. At the end of the cohort, select few start-ups from the cohort would get an opportunity to get on to the Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program or paid POC with GoGo Motors.

Our soon-to-be-launched 6-Month Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) Program shall play a pivotal role in strengthening the EV Ecosystem by working closely with the selected entrepreneurs in developing their idea into an investable business plan. While working with the Incubator, we expect the idea and business plan will evolve during the program. As part of this process, an EIR will also create one or more proof of concepts to validate their market/product hypothesis. Upon completion of the proof of concept and a final business plan, the goal will be for the EIR to transition to become a full-time senior leader building their business inside of GoGo.

GoGo E-Mobility Centre Of Excellence

With the rapid advances in electrification technologies in the automotive industry and the accelerated global adoption of Electric Vehicles, the EV market demand is forecast to double by 2021. GoGo e-Mobility Centre of Excellence is established to contribute and disseminate the knowledge of emerging trends in electric vehicles and e-mobility for smart city, for benefit to the society at large.

The barriers preventing the widespread introduction of electric vehicles are often not just technological ones, but can be due to regulations, user or potential user attitudes. GoGo e-Mobility CoE, supported by team of e-mobility experts and partners, powered by GoGo Motors, an EV Component and Motors Major with more than a decade of excellence in the same and venturing into the world EVs shortly through its first incubated e-bike startup KIMI Motors, looks at understanding, studying and advising various aspects of the EV value chain, including areas such as smart grids, energy demand scenarios for EVs, regulatory options and incentives, consumer barriers and incentives.

GoGo E-Mobility Innovation Network

Everything is connected, so is innovation. To facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions, knowledge transfer, advisory and interaction amongst the e-mobility industry and startup fraternity, GoGo Foundation has spearheaded the Global e-Mobility Innovation Network, an association of people, which works towards bringing all stake-holders of the EV Ecosystem onto one platform of communication, co-creation and co-evolution.


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