Electric Vehicle (EV) is the future and the future is here. One man in India, embraced it with fervor and passion. He is Dr. Shrikant Shinde , Chairman and the Chief Visionary of GoGoA1.COM, engineering devout, a technologist, an inventor, an entrepreneur par excellence, a self-made millionaire, and a man who believes in technological development as the pivotal source for societal growth and prosperity. Hailing from a small village in Maharashtra, Shrikant has always been aspirational yet practical towards everything he thought or ventured, be it helping his father to diversify into a profit making agro-based business in the village or venturing out onto an unknown geographical territory like Goa with just 500 rupees in his hand and building an enriching sales career literally out of zilch. His engraved skills in engineering sciences coupled with business acumen, made him not only build successful business models but also enabled him to make them self-sustainable.

However, Shrikant insists that his learning did not evolve from his successes but from his failures only that he learned to succeed. This is the beginning of his life as a mentor and public speaker. His YouTube fan-base talks about it in a thousand ways with more than 57subscribers! Shrikant’s journey from a remote village to setting up EV facility in Zhejiang Province of China comes more from a perspective to creating the trend rather than following it. A decade ago when EV was just a fancy name on the discussion tables of GM or Toyota, Shrikant could assess the need for the world to move towards it and the potential for growth attached to it as an industry. He moved to China for his R&D on EV Motors; amused by the support in the country and Ease-Of-Doing Business, he initiated the facility, Yongkang Shinde Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd in the country. This was just the beginning of a history to unfold.

As the prospects for EV industry in India began to bloom, Shrikant ensured to set up the facility in India in Maharashtra but soon he sensed the scarcity of workforce in the industry as there are no readily available trained and skilled workers. Thus, was born the GoGo Foundation for equipping the workforce and business aspirants with skill and know-how required to make a career in the fast growing EV industry.

The foundation has plans to set up a start-of-the-art Centre Of Excellence (CoE) and a Startup Studio for nurturing the budding entrepreneurs and companies in the EV industry. Today, the GoGo Group along with its flagship products GoGoA1.com, Kimi Motors and GoGo Foundation, has carved a cognizable niche in the EV industry. Shrikant Shinde, the Founder of the GoGo Group and its Chief Visionary, is not only a successful entrepreneur but an inspiration to millions who want to venture into an unknown Greenfield industry terrain like the EVs. He has not only created an internationally respected, self-sustainable network of R&D centres and facilities in the EV industry, but also enriched them with consistent supply of innovation, trained workforce and business growth opportunities. Hailing from a humble background and becoming a reckonable name in an industry of the future, Shrikant Shinde stands as a shining example of how hard work, determination and passion can shape up the future of India and many young global citizens therein. You may reach Shrikant Shinde on his email [email protected]

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